Fitness guru Greg wants to help you go from ‘gym beginner to gym winner’ in just 28 days


Personal fitness guru Greg Smith has a favourite mantra passed on to newbies at his popular Chichester gym: “Go from a gym beginner to a gym winner.”

It very much sums up the philosophy at Core Results, which is based in the city’s Quarry Lane, and is particularly apposite at this time of year as many of us start to think about summer and the fact that, perhaps, we have failed to stay in shape over winter.

That is one of the reasons trainer Greg has developed a 28-day challenge (AKA 28 days of learning to love the gym), starting next month, to help ease any concerns that potential gym users may have.

Greg, who has 20 years’ experience of working in the fitness industry, explained: “This is the perfect programme to guide anybody into a new health and fitness path. Research shows that that people love working out in groups. More people succeed when they have the support of others, and best results come from those who ‘share a trainer’.

“Our 28-day challenge provides all the benefits of group exercise with a tailored programme. It is designed to help beginners learn the techniques of safe and effective exercise, whilst still achieving great results.

“So, if you want to get on point with your nutrition whilst learning the skills you need to eat well for life, learn safe and effective exercise technique, all under the watchful eye of qualified coaches and the support of your fellow exercisers, then get in contact.”

Greg is very affable and is particularly keen to continue to cultivate a friendly atmosphere at Core Results, something he feels can be lacking at other gyms where a clique attitude can sometimes preclude some members, who are perhaps perceived as not fitting in.


Greg Smith

Greg, who graduated in Durban, South Africa, with a degree in human movement studies in 1996, said: “The amount of people that come in and tell me that they are intimidated by their local high street gym. People also talk of their experience of being made to feel unwelcome or not part of the ‘gym gang’.”

That air of disharmony is a far cry from the positive vibe at Core Results, says Greg, who added: “I love a good chin wag and this is why I enjoy the initial strategy session with members so much. I get to have a good chat with our potential new members and we really get to dig into the ‘why’ and ‘what’ they want out of their health and fitness journey. One of our major goals is to get members to love the gym.

“I have always just assumed that the gym would be a place that welcomes and supports people new to exercise. This should be a given, but clearly it is not. Maybe this is why we get so many people coming to see us. People know we are an inclusive and supportive gym. People know that we provide an environment that allows newbies to succeed in the journey to a lifetime of health and fitness.”

Want to give it a go? Greg has kindly offered a 10 per cent discount off the fee of £175 if you mention Chichester News…what are you waiting for?

Core Results
Unit 1 Beaver Trade Park,
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Quarry Lane, Chichester
PO19 8NY
Phone: 01243 929 111

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