Fact-checking Policy

At Chichester News, we take the responsibility of reporting very seriously. We believe that unbiased and transparent reporting is essential for our readers to make informed decisions. Our writers are held to the highest standards and are expected to provide reliable information with clear headlines and supporting images.

To ensure that all information included in our articles is accurate and trustworthy, we require that all facts and sources be thoroughly verified using the most relevant knowledge available. Additionally, before any article is published on our website, it must be reviewed by a Senior Editor to ensure its quality.

If any conflicts or issues arise with an article, we have a fact-checker group within our editorial team that is dedicated to resolving the problem. This group will contact other individuals or institutions to gather additional information and ensure that the article is factually correct.

In the event that a correction needs to be made, we will promptly notify our readers through our social media channels. We believe that transparency and accountability are essential for maintaining our readers’ trust and will continue to uphold these values in all of our reporting efforts. For more information on our Ethics Policy, please refer to our website.