Explosive stuff! How Grenade FIT gym guru Jamie and team help clients get the body beautiful

Al Smyth

Set eyes on the physique of any of fitness guru Jamie Alderton’s willing converts and you could be forgiven for assuming that the honed, toned and muscle-rippling body set before you has taken its owner years to shape.

But it can be achieved in a matter of months, says Jamie, such are the techniques, methodology and tutelage he delivers at his Chichester gym, Grenade FIT.

Jamie, formerly of the British Army, will tell you that hard work, diet and the mental toughness to cope with a rigorous workout regime doesn’t come easy; he will also explain how it is entirely possible to achieve a near perfect body shape over a relatively short period of time.

Consider the Grenade FIT mantra, “to inspire and motivate through our passion for training, nutrition and mind set”, and you can better absorb the essence of what Jamie and his team of instructors are all about.

Director Jamie, 31, opened his city centre gym in the summer of 2016 after leaving the military then working as a security operative across the globe. He opened the doors after finding success  delivering inspirational fitness classes online, which has brought him an appreciative audience as a workout expert.

Jamie Alderton, Grenade Fit

Jamie Alderton. Pictures: FIVOS AVERKIOU

So, why not concentrate on his internet activity that has brought him so much recognition and success? Well, it seems he love the sheer physical nature of the gym and all it entails and encourages and embraces and, indeed, cultivates a sense of camaraderie with members, who are all there working to a common goal.

It is indeed rewarding; just ask Alastair Smyth, a businessman from Bognor Regis. He has transformed himself into a superbly sculptured Adonis-type since joining Grenade Fit and working with personal trainer Oliver Carson

Alastair explained: “I joined when it first opened and have not looked back. My coach and good friend Oliver has got me into the best shape of my life. I literally rolled into my 40s looking like Augustus Gloop. I didn’t want to be heading into my 50s being looked at as obese, at 245lbs, I was definitely on my way!

Al Smyth2

Alastair Smyth

“I’m now sitting at around 175lbs and couldn’t be happier. You can always find time to change your physical appearance and mindset; habits and routines is all it takes. But if you want something bad enough, you will get it done.

“Someone sent me a picture when I was snowboarding a few years ago, I couldn’t believe it was me and the size and shape I had let myself get to. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and this was the kick I needed to sort myself out. Now I couldn’t be happier with my current condition.”

Jamie says of Alastair’s new look: “What he has achieved with his body is nothing short of phenomenal and he is living proof that if you want something bad enough you can achieve it!”

Jamie with daughter Elyza, three

And Oliver, with whom Alastair worked closely during his transformation, said: “Having been through rounds of various forms of fitness training, Al came to me wanting to make a drastic change to his body composition.

“He probably would have told me to bugger off if I’d shown him what he could look like in just 12 weeks!  If you believe you can do something, and you work towards it, you can achieve so much more than you know.”

Grenade FIT 1-2, Terminus Mill, Terminus Rd, Chichester PO19 8UN
Phone: 01243 783584

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