Homeowners are put on on alert after rogue ‘plumber’ tricks his way in to property

Sussex Police

Chichester homeowners have been warned to be vigilant after a conman used the gift of the gab to enter a premises.

A man claiming to be a plumber talked his way into a flat in Bognor where he appears to have searched the property.

The man called at the flat in Chipley Court just before 5pm on Saturday, January 28, saying that he had been working upstairs and needed to come in to check for an airlock in the plumbing. He was allowed into the kitchen where he went into the cupboard under the sink.

When he left, the victim noticed that a camera bag had been moved, a light had been turned on in a bedroom and a drawer had been opened. However, while nothing had been stolen, police believe that it was possibly because he didn’t get the opportunity and are concerned that he might be more successful elsewhere.

The man is described as white, in his late 20s to early 30s, clean shaven and about 6′. He was wearing a dark-coloured zip up fleece jacket, dark trousers, black gloves and a baseball cap. He had two hooped earrings in his right ear.

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