Driven by donations! Chichester charity splashes £10,000 gift on purchase of new minibus…

New Minibus

A Chichester charity has plenty of drive thanks to a generous donation of £10,000 which has been put towards the purchase of a new minibus.

The Leathersellers’ Company – a London Guild dating back to 15th century – has donated the sum to The Point, a day centre facility for adults with physical disabilities.

Chiefs there applied for a grant from the Leathersellers’ and were thrilled when the generous offer of support was forthcoming. Enabling the charity to buy the new minibus, giving members of The Point the opportunity to enjoy trips out.

Spokesman for The Point, Douglas Hayler said: “Liveryman for the Leathersellers’ Company Ed Phillips recently visited the charity to see what we do here.

“He was clearly impressed with the scope of the centre’s activities and our professional and caring set up for our severely disabled members. He was also rightly impressed with the new bus, named Douglas. We are incredibly grateful to the guild for their support.”

Scope West Sussex is a resource unit for people from 18 to 50 years of age. As people have understood the possibility of independence, they have moved away from the traditional activities of day care and turned to leisure and the opportunities it presents for social interaction.

A spokesman explains: “Leisure forms a vital part of all our lives, we all need to enjoy ourselves and have a little fun. Sadly, many adults with physical disabilities have unnecessarily limited lives, often because the people involved do not know where to turn for support or ideas.

“Disabled people have generally not been offered the same choice as the able-bodied. It was found that people with physical and sensory disabilities seldom enjoyed the same opportunities as others.

“Participation in leisure activities can raise the self-esteem of people who may have had few successes. It can help people take pride in their achievements when the rest of their lives may be dull and unrewarding.”

Photo shows Liveryman for the Leathersellers’ Company Ed Phillips (left) and John Watson, The Point’s manager, with the new bus. Ed Phillips is one of over 100 liverymen who advise on how the company’s grants to charities are used.

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