Out and about! Columnist Jamie Dyer meets Stonepillow team, gluten-free pie-maker and madcap theatrical trio

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It has been another busy week in the life of myself and SouthWaves Radio, made even more frantic by the current weather conditions. It has been cold out there, something which I have felt when travelling between locations within Chichester. The weather situation has been made all the clear to me, after my visit to Stonepillow Restore last week. They talked to me about the work they do, the ethos behind the revamped stores, and what they want to do in the future.

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I see the work they do as incredibly important, especially in this current climate. I have walked in certain local areas this week, and discovered people sleeping rough on the ground, usually with nothing but a duvet to shield them from the cold. The temperature outside has been minus four on some occasions, lethal for anyone who has not a shelter to go to. Something that gives me hope, is that certain venues, churches and places in the area have opened their doors to rough sleepers in the last week. Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue; saving lives and creating new beginnings in the process.

Earlier in my week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil from Turner’s Pies about their venture into gluten free pies. This subject is something close to my heart, as I know people who need gluten free food in their diet. The attention to detail is meticulous, and they are really working towards making a product that benefits the consumer. A growing market for profit it may be, but the care taken in specialised food is vital to those who need it. Well done to Turners for their efforts, and hope to try one of their pies soon.

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Lastly, I had the pleasure of going back to the University Of Chichester to visit some old friends of mine. John, Joshua and James run The Sleeping Trees Theatre, a unique company who have been running for nearly 10  years. I interviewed them over the phone about seven years ago, so it was good to catch up!

The energy between the three of them is as electric off stage, as it is on; quite incredible. They were bouncing through my questions and improvising through mistakes, all while dealing with interruptions from passers-by. It was a joy to speak to them, something which I hope to do again soon! I don’t hold out too much hope though, as John shouted, “See you in 10 years”, when walking away to a rehearsal!

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That brings me to the end of my second post, this week has gone fast! Next week is sure to be a busy one, as I continue to sort through submissions for the SouthWaves music output, while going out and conducting interviews. The response to both things has been amazing, thank you for your support. If anyone is interested in getting in contact for any reason, email [email protected]

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