Alcohol, exercise, hobbies are key for longer life, says health and well-being expert Denise Kelly

Exercise Longer Life

Is life a bit of a lottery? Is good health all down to having great genes? Honestly, I don’t think anyone has all the answers. I think it’s important to do what feels right for you, and what makes you happy.

However, there are some studies that have come out recently that have monitored the health routines of those who live to be over 90. I have tons of clients that say to me: “I don’t want to live until I am 90!”.

I tried to think about why this would be, and I guess it’s easy to have an image of someone who’s elderly and not able to do much. But what if you were 90 and could do the same things you were able to do at 60? How great would that be?

So, by performing neurological and neuropsychological tests on more than 2,000 participants over time, the study painted a complete picture of the mind-body building blocks of longevity.

The longitudinal study continues to yield interesting findings and I am sure it will be intriguing to many people in years to come. Maybe these findings will also change and evolve over time.

It’s not to say they are 100-percent accurate, but it’s a good indication of what seems to be the common denominator for long term health…and I think you will like it!

One to two alcoholic beverages a day promoted longevity – Yes that’s correct, I am saying that alcohol may give you a longer life! Moderate drinkers who enjoyed two glasses of beer or wine a day were 18-percent less likely to experience a premature death.

This further supports previous reports that certain alcoholic beverages like red wine promote brain and heart health. But MODERATION is the key word here!

Hobbies and interests
Maintaining a hobby, passion or interest that you love was another key to long-term health. Those who spent two hours a day on their hobbies were 21-percent less likely to pass away prematurely. This is likely because engaging in hobbies has been found to lower heart rate and relieve stress.

Often hobbies are linked to other people too, so regular interaction, conversation, sharing the same interest can all lead to feelings of happiness.

Exercise is key
15 to 45 minutes of exercise every day seemed to prolong life expectancy. Regular physical activity raises healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduces unhealthy LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

It also helps to keep your brain sharp, control blood sugar levels, possibly lower cancer risk and keep your bones and muscles strong and mobile.

Life is for thriving…not just surviving.

About the Author

Denise Kelly
Denise is an experienced nutritionist, writes columns and articles for corporate companies and news outlets, such as Chichester.News, delivers health seminars all over the world and runs two busy health clinics, one in Chichester, and one in Harley Street London.