Shocking video revealed: Watch punch that flattens linesman in Chichester rugby match

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A shocking video which appears to capture the moment a Chichester rugby player’s punch flattens a linesman has emerged on the internet.

The footage seemingly shows the official laying on the ground after the attack during a National League 3 (London and South-East) match against Dorking at Oaklands Park last month.

The visiting linesman comes on to the pitch after Dorking score a try in the game, which ended in an 18-13 win for the hosts. He is then spoken to by the Chichester player for a few seconds before being punched. The footage goes on to show the aftermath of the attack, with players from both sides in a melee.

Rugby officials are said to be probing the attack.

Dorking have made mention of the ruckus on their website, saying: “Sadly the game disintegrated at that point with an unfortunate and extraordinary incident that left the Dorking linesman on his back and overshadowed a much more promising second half with the Red & Whites hunting a draw or possible late victory.

“After the incident, which is now under investigation, the only card awarded was a harsh yellow for Dorking 7 Oli Edwards which left Dorking to play with 14 men for the rest of the game.”

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