Revealed: Take a look at the most expensive streets in Chichester

North Pallant

The most expensive street in the UK is Kensington Palace Gardens in London. The average property here will set you back just shy of £35.9million! Whilst property in Chichester doesn’t get close to those eye-watering sums, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at which streets in Chichester are the most expensive.

North Pallant has regained the title as the most expensive street in Chichester (PO19 postcode area), with an average property value of £1,099,749. That’s nearly three times the average property value in Chichester (£382,964) and is the first time I have conducted this research to find a street in Chichester with an average property value of over a million pounds.

As it happens though, both the second and third most expensive streets in Chichester have also broken through the £1m mark.

Pine Grove may no longer be the most expensive street in Chichester, but an increase of around £70,000 since I undertook the same research last Summer now puts the average property value on the street at £1,063,248.

Brandy Hole Lane takes third spot with each of its 42 properties having an average value of £1,029,174; the street’s total value of £43.2m being the most expensive overall in Chichester by virtue of it having more homes than those in the top spots around it.

West Broyle Drive remains in fourth spot, with an average value of £975,562, whilst St. Johns Street has snatched fifth place from Mill Lane, with an average value of £911,169.

Compare these figures to the cheapest street in Chichester (Lennox Road at £152,831 per property) and you can see there is quite a difference in fortunes within our reasonably small city.

The top five most expensive streets in Chichester (by average property value) are:

  1. North Pallant (£1,099,749)
  2. Pine Grove (£1,063,248)
  3. Brandy Hole Lane (£1,029,174)
  4. West Broyle Drive (£975,562)
  5. St. Johns Street (£911,169)

North Pallant will have been helped into top spot by having listed the most expensive property ever seen in Chichester earlier this year. The 6,400 square foot Grade II listed townhouse, which is now sold, was marketed for £3.3m. The stamp duty alone will set the buyer back £309,750 at that price! It’s also interesting to note that the current owner only purchased the property six years ago for ‘just’ £1.6m; therefore doubling their investment since then.

Until it has completed and loaded onto Land Registry we won’t know the record breaking sum paid for this property in Chichester, but it will surely eclipse the £2.185m paid for the current most expensive property in Chichester on record; another six bedroom Grade II listed townhouse, which was also in North Pallant.

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Clive Janes
Clive Janes is the author of the Chichester Property News and owner of CRJ Lettings.