Who would win a Euro property tournament?

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After a year’s delay, Euro ‘2020’ is set to kick off this weekend. Whilst it will almost certainly culminate in yet more heartbreak for England fans (and the Scottish and Welsh), you never know…maybe, just maybe, it could be our year. To bring the focus back to property though, let us look at how our property prices compare to some of the European nations we’ll be facing on the football pitch.

By default, Portugal remained the reigning European champions for an extra year. They can also boast about their property market for a couple of reasons too; at 1,185 Euros per square metre, property prices in Portugal are amongst the cheapest in Western Europe. They are however going through something of a boom, with prices having risen by 6.8% in the past year. It seems Ronaldo and his chums have a couple over us in the property stakes too!

Portugal’s property prices were not the top riser in Europe last year though. That honour goes to the team who will be kicking off the tournament…Turkey. Property prices there increased by 32% last year, although that is largely down to the high inflation the country is facing (on account of the Turkish Lira depreciating heavily against other currencies).

Hungary is the only Euro 2020 competitor who has seen property prices decrease in the last 12 months (by 10.4%). Even Italy (+1%), Spain (+2.3%) and Ukraine (+5%) saw prices rise, which is a reversal from the fact their property prices are still lower now than they were ten years ago!

It does not seem right finishing without mentioning perhaps our greatest footballing rivals, Germany. They have had a strong year of house price growth, with prices up 11.5% (enough for fourth place overall). Having been drawn in the ‘group of death’ against France and Portugal for the Euros, I am sure they’ll be hoping against another fourth-place finish!

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