Insiders from the world of property management gather to offer advice for Chichester landlords

Property Management

It can be daunting out there for landlords with the ever-changing landscape of the rental market and the growing number of regulations they need to understand and follow. Many choose to employ a letting agent to undertake the brunt of the work for them, whilst others are keen to do it themselves.

Even those who use a letting agent though are ultimately responsible for what goes on in their rental properties, so I think it’s important every landlord has a decent understanding of what’s what.

The best investment I think I made in this regard was a few well-regarded books and a membership with the NLA (National Landlord Association). There are other landlord associations out there, but the NLA is the biggest and was the one I plumped for. Their bi-monthly magazine ensures I’m up to date with all the upcoming legislation, whilst they offer a plethora of courses and documents accessible online that cover an array of circumstances you’re likely to come up against.

I’m proud to have completed the online training courses that the NLA provide with their membership so I became an accredited landlord — ie. I know my stuff! Their telephone advice line is also manned by knowledgeable landlords who will answer any of your more unusual or technical questions. They also hold regular landlord meetings in association with Chichester District Council to present the latest news and updates, as well as providing commentary from industry insiders.

I’m pleased to say that next Thursday (16th November) I will be one of those industry insiders speaking at Chichester’s NLA meeting at 6pm at the Chichester District Council offices. It’s free of charge, even to non-members, so come along if you’re a landlord and you’re interested in finding out more, and you can hear me talk about Chichester’s property market a bit too!

It’s run in collaboration with Chichester District Council, who are also here to help landlords provide a good service to tenants. They have a team of people serving both the private and public rental sectors, answering your legislative queries and offering support with financial incentives to improve your properties. Chichester’s fire brigade are here to help too; providing fire inspections and fire prevention tips and equipment.

I hope to see you at next Thursday’s free NLA/Chichester District Council landlord meeting.

About the Author

Clive Janes
Clive Janes is the author of the Chichester Property News and owner of CRJ Lettings.