Worried parents set to protest at Chichester County Hall over ‘£41million in education cuts’


Parents worried about the future of their children’s education are being urged to attend a protest at a gathering of councillors at County Hall, Chichester, tomorrow.

The Save Our Schools campaigners say that they want to send to raise awareness of cuts that, they say, will mean a £41million deficit to schools in West Sussex. This, it is claimed, has led to a “betrayal of an entire generation of children”.

Vicki Wells, the co-founder of the Save Our Schools campaign, said: “Your child needs you! It’s banner time! Parents, grandparents and siblings please come to ‘greet’ our local councillors at County Hall, at 10am, to remind them we want the underfunding of our schools to stop. Our children’s education is our number one priority. And it should be theirs too.”

Vicki helped organise a similar rally in Worthing recently and says it was a big success. She added: “People came together because there has been a real horror at the level of cuts that are actually happening right now in our local schools. What people need to understand is that these are live cuts, right now, which are denying our children their right to an education.”

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