United nations! Visitors from 25 countries celebrate special anniversary at Chichester College

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Visitors from 25 countries united to celebrate a very special anniversary at Chichester College.

Anglia Examinations marked its 25th Anniversary with Chichester College with a two-day conference and celebration.

In 1993 the college took over ownership of Anglia, with the aim of expanding the examination body into a truly global organisation.

Since then, it has grown from offering several hundred English exams in Cyprus to delivering more than 120,000 in more than 40 countries in 2017. Representatives from half of these, including delegates from Argentina, Bangladesh, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia and China came together in Chichester recently.

Liz Bangs-Jones, chief executive of Anglia Examinations, said: “We have seen Anglia flourish over the past 25 years.

“It has grown and developed, offering a wide range of English qualifications to learners, of all ages and at all levels, across the globe.

“Each year we try to bring our representatives together, but this year was even more special because it marks a huge milestone in our history.

“We were delighted to be able to celebrate our anniversary with so many of our international colleagues, to share our successes, exchange stories and look at what the future could hold.”

Anglia Examinations is part of the Chichester College Group.

Julie Kapsalis, managing director at the Chichester College Group, added: “When we took over Anglia Examinations, it was among our first expansions and since then both the college and Anglia have gone from strength to strength.

“To see how far we have come together in the past 25 years is phenomenal and it is down to the hard work of Liz and her team, both in Chichester and across the 50 countries that we work with.

“Anglia gives people of all ages and all levels English qualifications – it embodies the inclusivity that, as a group, we strive to achieve.

“We look forward to the next 25 years with the same enthusiasm, commitment and ambition as we had in 1993.”

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