As coronavirus crisis grips, IT business support firm offers help and advice

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A Chichester IT support team for businesses, Business IT Plus, has reiterated that despite the current coronavirus crisis the firm’s message is very much:

“We are open for business.”

Business has suffered immeasurably because of the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK at a time when the pandemic is sweeping across the globe. The government announced a £330 billion rescue package for British businesses in the wake of the crisis but many firms say they are still confused as to whether or not they can get help.

While the fine-tuning is applied to the rules and regulations surrounding how businesses can benefit from the rescue package, Chichester’s Business IT Plus says it is ready to offer support regards expert IT advice.

Many companies have asked staff to work from home to help combat the spread of the deadly virus. And Shelley Butlin, sales and marketing manager at Business IT Plus, says the firm will help businesses with their needs to enable staff to work remotely.

She said:

“We remain open and are here to support you and your business! Our staff here at Business IT Plus are all able to work from home. By doing this, we will remain open and there will be no impact on our service to you.

“We are offering expert IT advice in order to help you find out exactly what your business needs are to enable your staff to work remotely in these difficult times.

“We are continuing to help set up and support business users and can provide remote computer support, ensuring people can still carry out their work from home. We can assist with setting up Skype, accessing your emails and documents or even purchasing more laptops for your business. These are difficult times but we will remain here for our clients – existing and new.”

Business IT Plus say they

“are the human face of IT”,


“We’re making businesses more productive and secure, saving them money and helping their people collaborate better. Quick, cost-effective and expert, we are a pleasure to work with. Because we’re not your typical IT people. We’re friendly, upbeat problem solvers on a mission to serve.”

Testimony of the work undertaken by Business IT Plus comes in the shape of comments from Sandie Bolton, of the Bognor Regis Foodbank, who said:

“We are a Christian charity in Bognor. Business IT Plus have been very helpful and supportive in listening to our needs – both for us as professionals and for our clients – to make sure we have a system that works easily for multiple users. Thank You!”

Contact: 01243 696 953 or email [email protected]