Goldman Sachs Third-Quarter Earnings Report: Wall Street Expectations and Investment Banking Outlook

Goldman Sachs Third-Quarter Earnings Report

Goldman Sachs Third-Quarter Earnings Preview

Goldman Sachs reports its third-quarter earnings before the opening bell on Tuesday.


According to the latest report by LSEG, previously known as Refinitiv, the expected earnings per share are $5.31, while the anticipated revenue is $11.19 billion. On the other hand, the estimated trading revenue is $2.8 billion for fixed income and $2.73 billion for equities, as per StreetAccount. Additionally, the predicted investment banking revenue is $1.48 billion.

Importance of Investment Banking and Trading

Goldman Sachs is a prominent financial institution that heavily relies on its investment banking and trading activities to generate revenue, as opposed to other companies within the same industry. Despite its attempts to diversify its revenue streams, Goldman Sachs’ revenue in the preceding quarter was primarily sourced from investment banking and trading, which accounted for approximately two-thirds of the total revenue generated.

Challenges Faced

The company, Goldman Sachs, has encountered a multitude of obstacles stemming from a decrease in mergers, initial public offerings, and debt issuance. Additionally, the financial institution has sustained losses as a result of its retreat from retail banking and its involvement in commercial real estate ventures.

Other Factors to Consider

Goldman Sachs made a significant announcement last week regarding the sale of their lending business, GreenSky. This decision is expected to have an impact on the company’s third-quarter results. Market analysts are eagerly awaiting the perspective of CEO David Solomon on the current investment banking outlook, as well as the performance of the Apple Card business, which will be of keen interest.

Stock Performance

Despite the challenging economic conditions this year, Goldman Sachs’ shares have managed to hold up relatively well, declining by only 8.4%. This is noteworthy when compared to the broader market, as the KBW Bank Index has experienced a significant decline of 21%. Therefore, it can be said that Goldman Sachs has outperformed its peers in the banking sector amidst the ongoing market volatility.

Industry Performance

In the third quarter, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup all surpassed their expected profits, bringing good news for investors. The upcoming release of Morgan Stanley’s earnings report on Wednesday adds to the anticipation surrounding the quarterly results of major financial institutions. As we await further developments, be sure to stay updated on the progress of Goldman Sachs’ third-quarter earnings.