Night life boost for Chichester thanks to renewed optimism among businesses, says Vestry chief

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Chichester’s night life is expanding and will continue to flourish thanks to a new sense of community nurtured by businesses in the city.

That’s according to the management team at one of Chichester’s most popular venues, The Vestry, in Southgate. And the harmonious climate is one which could boost custom at the various night venues, it is said.

The observations come as the Nick Marshall, speaking on behalf of Sussex Inns Limited, revealed the Vestry is making big strides in their quest to complete exciting expansion plans.

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Mr Marshall said: “We have take part in some really encouraging dialogue among businesses of late and we are enthused by this. There is a renewed realisation that as businesses we owe it to our clientele and the city in general to work together where we can. It can certainly boost the night life and the economy around it.

“Chichester is a beautiful city with some amazing people and we see that all the time with the passionate and talented customers who come in to the Vestry to relax and enjoy themselves.

“The optimism created leads us to conclude that there are healthy signs of exciting times ahead.

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“For us the start of 2018 is particularly exciting as we welcome our expansion, approved by Chichester District Council last year. This will include an entirely new lounge area, additional seating and tables, a taster bar with more choice and, as we’re sure our customers will welcome, long overdue new toilets!

“These improvements will allow us to cater for more customers and we look forward to some great events ahead.

“The Vestry is proud of its relationship with the police, council and other night venues along Southgate and we all pride ourselves in creating not only a great night for those wanting to enjoy the city’s night economy but particularly a safe night and passage home which of which Chichester can be rightly proud.”

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