Runners urged to get in gear to take on iconic Goodwood hillclimb challenge


Runners are being urged to get in gear to take on one of the most iconic hillclimbs in motorsport, with organisers asking: Have you got what it takes to tackle the Goodwood Hillclimb?

The challenge, which is being staged to raise fund for charity, will see runners pace themselves on a five-mile course through the iconic estate and go up against the world-renowned incline en route.

“Join us on Monday August 7, for our annual road race through the glorious parkland of the Goodwood Estate,” says promotional material for the event. “En route tackle what is arguably Goodwood’s most iconic landmark, made famous by the multitudes of legendary motor racing heroes sprinting, the 1.2 mile Hillclimb.

“By taking part you will be helping us continue to support Winston’s Wish, Goodwood’s charity of the year, helping bereaved children and families.”

And you can even have your faithful hound to accompany you every step of the way. “We welcome all four-legged friends with open arms. Please just be aware that runners with a furry companion will begin the race behind our solo runners,” it is added.

Running website Runners Direct’s top tips for running uphill…

1: The most critical element is that you keep your chest up and open. The most common advice you might have received is to “lean into the hill”. Unfortunately, this causes many runners to hunch at the waist to lean forward. This constricts your airway and makes it harder to breathe deeply. You do need to lean forward, but make sure you lean at the hips, not the waist.

2: Keep your head and eyes up, looking about 30 meters in front of you. Dropping your head restricts how much oxygen you can take in and will cause you to slouch. Likewise, drive your arms straight forward and back and use them as pistons. Your arms should form a 90-degree angle at the elbow, and swing straight back and forth, not across your body.

3: Focus on driving your knee off the hill, not into the hill like you might do if you maintained your normal knee drive. Work on landing on the ball of your foot to spring up the hill.

4: Plantar flex (point your toes towards the ground) at the ankle. Think of yourself exploding off your ankle and using that last bit of power to propel you up the hill with minimal energy expenditure. Focusing on plantar flexion can save you a lot of energy and really help you get up the hill faster and with less energy.

Entry Costs are £14 per person for entry to the run; or £27 per person for entry and post-run food. The race opens 6.15pm and will start at 7pm.

Open to all, and all abilities welcome. Car park closes at 6.45pm. For more information, contact on 01243 520114 or email [email protected].

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