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Metro House

Freelancers, start-ups and small businesses have been urged to take advantage of a new co-working office space in the heart of Chichester.

Mum Christina Hall has set up the new Metro Work Pad co-working office space at the city’s Metro House, now open to business professionals, university students and consultants or employees.

She says the new fully-serviced co-working environment could be a cost-effective way of owning your own dedicated office space and owning a Chichester business mailing address.

Christina explained: “I’ve really boosted my productivity and morale with this brand-new workspace in central Chichester. Heading into an office each day to work has completely changed my mind-set from working at home at the kitchen table. I’m now surrounded by friendly like-minded people and it’s made a huge difference both professionally and socially.

“I get more interaction during the day so I feel less isolated than I did when working at home. For me, it’s been about finding the right work-life balance. I hope the new Metro Work Pad office space at Metro House will create the ideal working environment for many more people in the local area looking to set-up an office space away from home.”

Tom West, commercial director, Seaward Properties Ltd said the company is delighted to welcome the new office space to Metro House, adding: “We hope the new community workspace will create the ideal working environment for many more people in the local area looking to establish an office space away from home.”

Metro Work Pad flexible co-working options include; owning your own Dedicated Desk from £70per week or you can drop-in and “hot desk” daily from as little as £15 per day.

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