Sony Working on AI-Powered AFK Helper

Tech giant Sony is looking to further enhance the PlayStation experience with a dedicated AI-powered helper, according to a recent patent.

Sony, a renowned tech giant, has recently published a patent indicating its interest in introducing an AI-powered product to its gaming-focused hardware lineup. Despite the buzz surrounding AI in the tech industry, Sony’s foray into this emerging technology may not be revealed in the near future, considering the company’s past timeline for introducing new features.

Potential Application in PlayStation Experience

Based on the patent, it seems that Sony aims to leverage AI technology to offer players a specialized “helper” for a more seamless PlayStation VR experience. This AI-powered hardware would assist players during interruptions, including the time they spend away from the game and when they return.


At this stage, it remains uncertain how this potential addition to the PlayStation VR accessories lineup would operate if it were to reach consumers. The patent suggests that the helper could automatically pause VR games during interruptions or guide players to safe locations within the game to prevent undesirable outcomes upon resuming play sessions.

Potential Market Release

Considering that this would be Sony’s first attempt to integrate AI at a hardware level in the PlayStation experience, it is unlikely that the company would radically redefine its approach. Rather, this development can be interpreted as Sony’s effort to strengthen its virtual reality offerings. However, the release of this AI-powered “helper” is contingent on the significant popularity of VR games. Currently, VR game sales are not performing well in the overall market, and Sony would need substantial market demand before proceeding with this patent.

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