Squad Rep. Tlaib’s Allegiance to Hamas Over Biden Admin: Ignoring US Intel on Gaza Hospital

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Jackson accuses Congresswoman Tlaib of being a Hamas sympathizer

Congressman Jackson has accused Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of sympathizing with Palestinian militant Hamas.

Ignoring US Intel and siding with Hamas

Congresswoman Tlaib allegedly ignored intelligence reports about a Gaza hospital and took the side of Hamas over the Biden administration. Congressman Jackson has demanded that she be barred from any classified briefings related to Israel’s ongoing military operations, self-defense efforts, or any American military movements in the region. He believes that Hamas sympathizers should not represent Palestinian terrorists and accuses Tlaib of spreading misinformation instead of condemning the attacks by Hamas.

Concerns Regarding Tlaib’s Allegiance and Security Clearance

Congressman Jackson has expressed significant concerns regarding Representative Tlaib’s allegiance and her eligibility for a security clearance. He believes that her loyalty appears to lie with Hamas, which, in his view, raises doubts about her trustworthiness. He contends that providing her access to sensitive information could pose potential risks to American and Israeli lives. Consequently, he calls for an immediate revocation of her security clearance and exclusion from relevant briefings.

Pledge of Action

As a House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committee member, Congressman Jackson has vowed to take all necessary measures to address this issue. He asserts that individuals like Tlaib and her colleagues from the “Squad” should not have access to American intelligence related to the situation in Israel.

National Security Concerns

Congressman Jackson expresses his apprehension about whether permitting Members of Congress with what he considers anti-Semitic views and support for Hamas to attend classified briefings on the Israel conflict is a more significant concern. He underscores the importance of safeguarding classified information from the enemy and asserts that allowing Representative Tlaib into these briefings may compromise this security. He calls for an end to what he perceives as anti-American and anti-Jewish sentiment among elected leaders, deeming it a dangerous development.

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