Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Healthcare Company for Providing Gender-Changing Treatments to Minors Without Mental Health Assessments

Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Healthcare Company for Providing Gender-Changing Treatments to Minors Without Mental Health Assessments_

Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Healthcare Company for Providing Gender-Transition Treatments to Minors

Last week, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey took legal action against a healthcare company for administering puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors without conducting a mental health assessment. This action violates state law, which requires such checks before sex reassignments are performed. This article aims to provide an overview of the lawsuit and the implications of the Missouri law banning gender-changing treatments for minors.

On August 28, Missouri implemented the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act as law. Following the passing of this law, Attorney General Bailey’s office sent a letter to healthcare providers across the state, warning them to cease providing experimental treatment immediately.

The Lawsuit Against Southampton Healthcare

Approximately three weeks after the warning letter was sent, the Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Southampton Healthcare for allegedly providing gender transition interventions to minors without conducting comprehensive mental health assessments, as required by the state law before the SAFE Act took effect.

In the lawsuit, Bailey highlights that Southampton Healthcare’s witnesses admitted in court that providing gender transition interventions without a comprehensive mental health assessment goes against the medical standard of care. The witnesses who supported these interventions agreed that no individual should undergo them without a thorough psychological evaluation.

Allegations Against Southampton Healthcare

Despite these admissions, the lawsuit claims Southampton Healthcare did not provide the necessary evaluations. The company also failed to adopt and consistently apply a policy ensuring that each patient received an assessment before undergoing any intervention related to sex reassignments.

Attorney General’s Commitment to Child Protection

Attorney General Bailey emphasized his commitment to protecting Missouri’s children, stating, “As long as I’m Attorney General, I will fight to ensure that Missouri is the safest state in the nation for children. These providers failed Missouri’s children when they rejected a diluted medical standard and subjected them to irreversible procedures. My office is not standing for it.”

Legal Actions and Remedies

In the lawsuit, the Attorney General’s office seeks full restitution for individuals who underwent gender transition procedures without a mental health assessment. It also seeks a penalty of $1,000 for each violation and an injunction to prevent future violations.

No Response from Southampton Healthcare

It is important to note that Southampton Healthcare has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

In conclusion, the lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey against Southampton Healthcare underscores the importance of adhering to state laws regarding gender transition treatments for minors. This legal action aims to protect the well-being of children and ensure that healthcare providers follow established medical standards. As the case unfolds, it will be closely monitored to see how it may impact the broader landscape of gender-transition healthcare for minors in Missouri.

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