Former President Donald Trump’s Controversial Glock Purchase: Legal or Not?

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Former President Donald Trump’s Alleged Purchase of Glock Pistol

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign initially made headlines by claiming he had purchased a Glock pistol at a South Carolina gun shop. However, as legal concerns surrounding the purchase arose due to Trump’s pending felony charges, the campaign was compelled to retract their statement. In this article, we delve into the intriguing details of this alleged firearm acquisition and its legal implications.

The Initial Announcement

President Trump’s supposed Glock purchase was announced via his campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung. In a social media post on a Monday afternoon, Cheung exclaimed, “President Trump buys a Glock in South Carolina!” Accompanying this statement was a video showcasing the former president at the Palmetto State Armory in Summerville, where he could be seen holding a Glock and expressing a keen interest in acquiring one.

The Legal Concerns

However, the celebratory tone surrounding the alleged purchase soon led to legal concerns. Firearms expert Stephen Gutowski, founder of The Reload, raised a significant question: Can someone facing felony charges legally purchase a firearm?

Gutowski emphasized that individuals under felony indictment are prohibited from acquiring new firearms. This prohibition includes buying firearms, raising questions about how Trump’s campaign visits to gun stores would affect his legal standing.

Legal Ambiguity

To add to the situation’s complexity, Gutowski pointed out that there have been differing court decisions on the constitutionality of laws restricting gun purchases for individuals with felony indictments. He highlighted an ongoing case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that could further clarify this matter.

Furthermore, Gutowski noted that the Fifth Circuit Court has exhibited skepticism towards federal firearms restrictions since a notable Supreme Court ruling the previous year. In this case, the Supreme Court declared New York’s regulations, making obtaining a concealed handgun license challenging and unconstitutionally restrictive. The ruling underscored the importance of facilitating more accessible access to such permits.


Former President Donald Trump’s alleged purchase of a Glock pistol has raised numerous legal questions and concerns. While the initial announcement sparked excitement among his supporters, it also drew attention to the potential legal ramifications given his pending felony charges. The outcome of the ongoing case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the broader legal landscape surrounding firearm purchases for individuals with felony indictments, will undoubtedly shape the future of this intriguing situation.

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