2024 Presidential Election Poll: Trump and Biden Neck-and-Neck, Kennedy’s Independent Bid Shifts Favor towards Biden

2024 Presidential Election Poll_

2024 Presidential Election Poll: Trump and Biden in a Tight Race

The latest poll on the 2024 presidential election shows that former President Donald Trump and President Biden are currently in a close race. However, the data suggests that an independent bid by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. could potentially disrupt the race in Biden’s favor.

Key Findings of the Poll

In a poll released by Marist on Tuesday, it was found that among registered voters, 49% would support Biden, 46% would support Trump, and 5% were undecided. These numbers do not account for Kennedy’s potential involvement in the race.

The Impact of Kennedy’s Candidacy

However, when Kennedy is included as an independent candidate, the dynamics of the race change significantly. Kennedy receives 16% of the support, while Trump gets 37% and Biden receives 44%. Only 3% of voters remained undecided.

The most notable shift occurs among independent voters, with a significant decrease in support for both Trump (from 49% to 34%) and Biden (from 43% to 33%) when Kennedy enters the race. Kennedy garners support from 29% of independents.

Among Republicans, Trump also experiences a significant drop in support, going from 91% to 81%, with Kennedy gaining 11% of GOP voters.

Biden, on the other hand, sees a relatively smaller decline in support from Democrats, going from 91% to 86%. Kennedy manages to secure 9% of Democratic voters.

Analysis: Kennedy’s Entry Alters the Race

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his independent candidacy on Oct. 9 after initially attempting to secure the Democratic nomination. However, the Democratic National Committee’s decision to back Biden and refusal to hold primary debates influenced Kennedy’s decision to run independently.

With Kennedy’s entry, the poll indicates that Trump’s chances of reclaiming the White House are more affected than Biden’s odds of winning a second term. Kennedy’s candidacy appears to have a stronger impact on Trump’s support base, particularly among independent voters and Republicans.


The 2024 presidential election poll highlights a neck-and-neck race between Trump and Biden, with Kennedy’s independent bid potentially tipping the scales in Biden’s favor. The data underscores the significance of Kennedy’s candidacy and its influence on voter preferences, particularly among independent voters and Republicans.

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