Hong Kong Forms Task Force to Monitor and Investigate Illegal Activities in Crypto Exchanges

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Task Force Formed to Monitor and Investigate Illegal Activities in Hong Kong’s Crypto Market

In the wake of a significant scandal that rocked the cryptocurrency landscape in Hong Kong, a specialized task force has been established to closely monitor and investigate illicit activities within the region’s crypto market. This development comes in response to the alleged defrauding of investors of $204 million by JPEX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, leading to its abrupt closure and the arrest of multiple individuals involved in the scandal.

The Task Force

The newly formed task force comprises members from various governmental bodies, including the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and law enforcement officials representing diverse sectors such as commercial crime, cybersecurity, technology crime, and financial intelligence and investigations police bureaus. Together, they aim to enhance cooperation and coordination to detect and combat illegal activities associated with virtual asset trading platforms operating within Hong Kong.

Protecting Hong Kong’s Crypto Ambitions

The JPEX scandal has overshadowed Hong Kong’s aspirations to become a regional cryptocurrency and financial technology hub. In response to this challenge, Hong Kong introduced a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto assets and, in a historic move, granted the first mandatory licenses for digital asset trading platforms in August. These regulatory measures were implemented to ensure investor protection and market integrity.

Vince Turcotte, a consultant at Cognitive GRC, a crypto license advisory firm, views the formation of the task force as a proactive step to bolster confidence in Hong Kong’s new regulatory regime. He believes stringent enforcement and vigilant monitoring are essential to fostering a secure and thriving crypto ecosystem.

Unraveling the Crypto Contagion

Hong Kong officials are determined to unravel the complexities surrounding the 2022 crypto contagion and the collapses of other high-profile platforms. Assistant Police Commissioner Eve Chung emphasized the task force’s vital role in facilitating the exchange of intelligence and cooperation among relevant authorities. She believes this is crucial for safeguarding the interests and investments of the general public in Hong Kong.

JPEX’s Controversial Move

Despite the scandal surrounding JPEX, the exchange has taken a unique approach by announcing plans to convert users’ assets into shareholder dividends. These dividends can only be claimed after a two-year holding period. The company argues that this strategy will improve cash flow and help retain investors who will receive rewards in various forms based on their stake in the exchange.

In a recent development, JPEX conducted a referendum among its users, with an astonishing 68% voting in favor of the dividend plan, showcasing a surprising level of support for the embattled exchange.

Recent Arrests

As the investigation into the JPEX case continues, law enforcement authorities have not slowed their pursuit of justice. In a significant development, a 19th suspect connected to the JPEX scandal was apprehended, and officers seized his Porsche as part of the ongoing probe. This demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the task force to bring all wrongdoers to justice and restore confidence in Hong Kong’s crypto market.


The formation of the task force to monitor and investigate illegal activities in Hong Kong’s crypto market is a significant step towards strengthening regulatory oversight and safeguarding the interests of investors and the public. While the JPEX scandal has posed challenges to Hong Kong’s crypto ambitions, the government’s proactive measures and the relentless efforts of the task force signal a commitment to maintaining the region’s reputation as a trustworthy and secure destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the crypto landscape in Hong Kong will evolve. Still, the presence of this task force underscores the determination to root out illicit activities and protect the market’s integrity.

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