Mads Mikkelsen: From Bond to Star Wars, The Actor Who Dominates Major Film Franchises

Mads Mikkelsen From Bond to Star Wars_

Franchise Filmmaking Takes Center Stage

Franchise filmmaking has become increasingly dominant in the industry, with sequels and spinoffs playing a major role in major movie-making. As these movie worlds expand, talented actors are needed to take on new roles. One actor, in particular, stands out for his prolific involvement in various franchises: Mads Mikkelsen.

A Career Spanning Multiple Franchises

Mikkelsen has showcased his talent as a villain in several major film franchises. He has taken on the role of a Bond Villain, an MCU villain, and a Wizarding World villain. In a surprising twist, he even played a character in the Star Wars universe who was not a villain. Mikkelsen’s friends humorously tease him about his extensive franchise appearances, jokingly pointing out that the only franchise he hadn’t been a part of was Indiana Jones. Interestingly, just a week after this conversation, Mikkelsen received an offer to play the newest villain in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Success Beyond Expectations

While Mikkelsen finds his high-profile success “insane for a Danish guy,” it is evident that he possesses something that all these franchises desire. When the Fantastic Beasts movies needed a replacement for Johnny Depp’s character, Mikkelsen was the actor chosen. Similarly, when James Mangold sought to cast a villain in the new Indiana Jones movie, Mikkelsen was the first person he contacted. It is a franchise that Mikkelsen never thought he would be a part of, and he may potentially become the last villain in the Indiana Jones series. Despite the awe-inspiring nature of the movies he works on and the actors he collaborates with, Mikkelsen remains focused on his job and even jokes about facing off against Harrison Ford, stating, “Sure, it’s Harrison Ford and he is a legend, but I will kick the shit out of him anyway.”

Unbeknownst Franchise Appearances

Mads Mikkelsen has been involved in even more franchises that many people may not be aware of. He has lent his voice to the Danish dubs of both Cars and Monsters Inc., thus becoming part of two different Pixar franchises in another language.

A Missing Franchise

While Mikkelsen’s filmography includes an impressive array of franchises, there is one notable absence. He has yet to be a part of the Fast & Furious series. However, considering the unpredictable nature of the franchise, Mikkelsen could potentially surprise audiences by playing against type and not portraying a villain in one of the upcoming Fast & Furious films.

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