Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Rule: New Love Interest Confirms Trend

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Preferences: A Look at His Love Life

Leonardo DiCaprio, the charismatic and talented actor, has long been a subject of fascination not just for his on-screen performances but also for his dating preferences. With a reported dating rule that centers around a significant age difference, the internet has been abuzz with speculation and humor regarding his love life.

The 25-Year-Old Dating Rule

One of the most intriguing aspects of DiCaprio’s dating history is his alleged 25-year-old dating rule. Over the years, he has been known to date women considerably younger than himself. This rule was briefly set aside when he dated Gigi Hadid, who was 27 then. However, recent developments suggest that DiCaprio may have returned to his preference for younger companions, as he is currently linked with 25-year-old model Vittoria Ceretti.

Camila Morrone: The Last Major Relationship

Before his involvement with Vittoria Ceretti, DiCaprio was in a high-profile relationship with model Camila Morrone. This romance began in 2017 and ended in 2022 when Morrone celebrated her 25th birthday. The timing of their breakup aligned with DiCaprio’s dating pattern, leading many to speculate on the significance of this age-related factor in his relationships.

Insights from Ex-Girlfriends

Adding more fuel to the speculation surrounding DiCaprio’s dating preferences, some of his former girlfriends have provided exciting insights. Kristen Zang, one of his ex-girlfriends, seemingly confirmed the existence of the 25-year-old dating rule when she spoke about dating the actor while filming the iconic movie Titanic. Her comments shed light on the consistency of his approach to dating.

Internet’s Take on DiCaprio’s Dating Rule

The internet has not been one to miss out on the intriguing dating life of Leonardo DiCaprio. Social media has been inundated with hilarious posts and memes, speculating whether DiCaprio will ever change his dating tune. The online world seems equally fascinated by his romantic choices.

Exceptions to the Rule

While Leonardo DiCaprio generally adheres to his 25-year-old dating rule, there have been exceptions. His brief fling with Gigi Hadid, who was 27 then, demonstrated that age was not an absolute dealbreaker for him. However, their relationship has ended, leading to further internet speculation about the actor’s love life.

The Future of DiCaprio’s Relationship with Vittoria Ceretti

According to reports, DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti reportedly have a serious relationship. They have been spotted together since August and appear to be more than just a passing fling. However, Ceretti is set to turn 26 next June, leaving room for speculation about the future of their relationship and whether it will adhere to DiCaprio’s established dating pattern.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating preferences have become a topic of immense interest for fans and the internet. While he tends to date women 25 years of age or younger, there have been exceptions to this rule. Regardless of his personal life, DiCaprio continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional acting career. Don’t miss his upcoming film, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” set to be available in theaters and on Apple TV+ on October 20th, promising another outstanding performance from this Hollywood icon.

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