In the First Peek Inside TITANS: BEAST WORLD #1, DC Comics Reveals Beast Boy’s Most Jaw-Dropping Appearance


DC reveals Beast Boy’s most eye-popping transformation ever in the highly anticipated Titans: Beast World #1. This first-look preview showcases Garfield Logan, also known as Beast Boy, who is about to introduce a new creature to his shape-changing abilities—an alien sea star. DC Comics has released a sneak peek of this upcoming event series that was initially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, created by a talented team consisting of writer Tom Taylor, artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, and colorist Brad Anderson.

What can readers expect from the first issue of Titans: Beast World? According to DC, a godlike being named The Necrostar, thirsty for conquest, has been awakened. The Titans team, along with other superheroes from the DC Universe, unite to combat this ominous threat. However, it is Beast Boy, or Gar Logan, who devises an unexpected solution, using his shape-shifting powers to transform into the only entity capable of taking on a massive star-shaped cosmic creature.

The unlettered preview pages provide a glimpse of the Titans team assembling to face the Necrostar, focusing on Beast Boy’s awe-inspiring transformation into a gigantic Starro. The artwork also hints at a potentially horrifying change—a tantalizing tease for readers.

Titans: Beast World #1 will feature a main cover illustrated by Reis, Miki, and Anderson. Additionally, there will be variant covers by renowned artists Bruno Redondo, Björn Barends, and Stanley “ArtGerm” Lau. Fans will have the option of purchasing lenticular covers for all six issues of the series, showcasing stunning art by Clayton Henry and Marcelo Maiolo.

This exciting event series, Titans: Beast World, forms part of DC’s Dawn of DC initiative. While the exact connection to the overarching story of Dawn of DC remains a mystery, fans can anticipate a thrilling and action-packed narrative. Additionally, the series may reveal Amanda Waller’s involvement, as her secretive activities against the heroes of the DC Universe seem to be taking a more audacious turn with the arrival of giant alien starfish.

Mark your calendars for the release of Titans: Beast World #1 on November 28th. Don’t miss out on this captivating and transformative story that promises to push Beast Boy’s powers to astonishing new heights.

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