When Will the Sixth Season of F1: Drive to Survive be Available on Netflix?

F1: Drive to Survive

Formula 1: Drive to Survive has been a hit since its inception in 2019. The documentary series has recapped the biggest stories of the F1 season for the year prior, showcasing the sport’s significance and impact. However, there have been debates about the series and its effect on the sport’s popularity, with some evidence suggesting that F1’s fever pitch popularity may be waning. Despite its success, Drive to Survive has not been without controversy, as highlighted by Esteban Ocon’s comments about the series.

In May 2022, Netflix announced that season 6 of Drive to Survive is part of a two-season renewal. With the new season on the horizon, fans are eager to know what to expect. The upcoming season promises to unravel various story threads, including Max Verstappen’s dominance throughout the F1 season, securing his third-world title. The season will also highlight the fluctuating positions of teams such as McLaren’s progression and Aston Martin’s struggles.

During The Netflix Cup, a live event pairing F1 drivers with PGA golfers, a sneak peek of the sixth season was revealed. This preview showcases Zak Brown and Lando Norris discussing their prospects while engaging in a golfing session, providing early insights into the upcoming season’s challenges and progress.

As for the release date of season 6, Netflix has confirmed a 2024 release without specifying a specific date. However, based on the previous seasons’ pattern, the new season is anticipated to drop around the same time as the prior years. Typically, the series is released a week before the first race of the F1 season. In 2024, the Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled for March 3rd. Therefore, if the pattern continues, it is likely that all episodes of season 6 will be available for streaming on Friday, February 23rd, 2024 globally.

In conclusion, fans can look forward to the highly anticipated sixth season of F1: Drive to Survive, offering an in-depth and exhilarating look into the world of Formula 1. Stay tuned for the latest updates and prepare for an engaging and captivating journey into the heart of this exhilarating sport.

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