World War Z Update 1.48 Patch Notes – August 12, 2023

World War Z 3

Exciting news for all Gaming enthusiasts! The much-awaited update, World War Z Update 1.48, has been officially released. This latest patch brings an array of thrilling Game Updates, crucial Bug Fixes, noteworthy improvements, and comprehensive Patch Notes for your perusal.

The update is accessible for all platforms, allowing both new and seasoned players to experience the revamped gameplay. Please keep in mind that the file size may differ based on the platform you are using.

New Content

  • New Paid DLC – Victory Lap Weapon Skins Pack.
  • New Horde Mode XL Map – Rome.
  • New primary weapon – Repeating Rifle.
  • New heavy weapon – Multi-Shot Rocket Launcher.
  • New perks for specific weapons.
  • 4 New trinkets for characters.
  • 9 New perks for each player class.
  • 12 New Mutators in Horde Mode Challenge:
    • Airstrike (the mortar shell can land in three random locations).
    • Healing Explosions (device and heavy weapon explosions restore health).
    • Drone Army (each player receives a temporary drone).
    • Free Meds (free medicine becomes available in the main shop).
    • The Pursuers (players can encounter slow, more resilient zombies during the wave that can revive and pursue players until the end of the wave).
    • Free Supply (free gear bags become available in the main shop).
    • Sell-Out (defense kits start having a discount).
    • Taxes (defense kits start costing more).
    • Leg Day (the player loses health and stamina when climbing).
    • Hot-Tempered Bull (each Bull’s ground smash causes an explosion).
    • My Chainsaw and Me (a random player gets an infinite ammo chainsaw without being able to use other weapons).
    • Primary Weakness (primary weapon damage gets reduced by 75%).


  • Mutators from Horde Mode Challenge can now be used in private lobbies.
  • Added Quick Match search option for Horde Mode and Horde Mode XL.
  • Tokyo Horde Mode XL map is now available in the Horde Mode Challenge.
  • Fixed a bug when the player with the “Judo” or “Rage Mode” perk could become invincible.
  • Fixed a bug when respawning a Vanguard class player with the “Stronger Together” perk would heal all players to full HP.
  • Fixed a bug when the Grenade Launcher with the “Incendiary Grenades” weapon perk and “High Voltage” Slasher class perk could inflict unexpectedly high damage.
  • Classes (Gunslinger, Fixer, Medic, Slasher) can now be assigned to the bots, and they can use the abilities of these classes.


  • Added the FSR 2.2 support.
  • Added new DualSense Haptic Feedback effects.
  • Fixed the Dead Sea Stroll level crashes on the MS Store game version.


  • Added new DualSense Haptic Feedback effects on PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed crashes in Horde Mode XL on PlayStation 5.
  • Slightly improved performance on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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