Microsoft Targets 2028 Launch Window for Next Xbox Console: Legal Battle and Hardware Specifications Discussed

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Microsoft Aims for 2028 Launch for Next Xbox

Microsoft is planning to release its next Xbox console in 2028, as revealed in a meeting held in May 2022 with top executives like CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood, and gaming head Phil Spencer. The details of this launch window emerged from a transcript disclosed during Microsoft’s legal battle with the US Federal Trade Commission.

Transition in Console Hardware Approach

Discussions in the meeting highlighted a possible shift in the next Xbox console design towards more adaptable hardware specifications. Executives explored the idea of consoles offering a clear platform for developers while deliberating on a more flexible approach akin to Windows.

Striking a Balance between Adaptability and Developer Support

Recognizing their previous hardware evolution, Microsoft executives emphasized the need for increased flexibility in future consoles while ensuring developers can leverage the unique features of the hardware effectively.

Factors Influencing the 2028 Launch

Microsoft’s legal representatives stated that the new console generation is unlikely to debut before late 2028 due to various factors, including supply chain disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic impacting adoption rates and planned hardware updates.

Phil Spencer’s View on Hardware Advancements

Xbox leader Phil Spencer emphasized that immediate hardware upgrades for Series X are not a priority for Microsoft. He stressed the importance of maximizing current hardware capabilities for developers and players rather than frequent updates that could complicate the ecosystem.


Expectation for PS5 Pro

Additionally, Microsoft anticipates Sony to introduce a PS5 Pro console in the near future.

In summary, Microsoft’s decision to aim for a 2028 launch for the next Xbox demonstrates a strategic move towards more flexible hardware while ensuring developers can fully utilize its unique features. External factors like supply chain disruptions influenced this timeline, aligning with Phil Spencer’s vision of prioritizing stable hardware for the benefit of developers and players. Microsoft’s outlook on the PS5 Pro hints at ongoing competition and advancements in the gaming sector.

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