Crash Team Rumble Update 1.08 Patch Notes – August 08, 2023

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Exciting news for all Gaming enthusiasts! The much-awaited update, Crash Team Rumble Update 1.08, has been officially released. This latest patch brings an array of thrilling Game Updates, crucial Bug Fixes, noteworthy improvements, and comprehensive Patch Notes for your perusal.

The update is accessible for all platforms, allowing both new and seasoned players to experience the revamped gameplay. Please keep in mind that the file size may differ based on the platform you are using.

1.) Crash Bandicoot – We are pleased with where Crash is from a win percentage perspective but think that this scorer could use a slight tweak to how much scoring he is actually doing.  So we have decided to increase his capacity by 10 (+8%)

2.) N. Brio – We have seen Dr. N. Brio be on the bottom of our charts since the game went live.  We are cautiously granting him 1 more pip of health to increase his survivability and allow him to brawl more effectively.  With his self-heal this can be slippery slope so we will continue to watch him closely.

3.) N. Tropy – Dr. Nefarious Tropy has survived her latest nerf with flying colors, continuing to top our internal data charts.  We would like to open up other blockers to be competitive with her.  We will be nerfing her damage across the board by 15%.  With lower damage output but higher mobility than other blockers, she’ll require a different playstyle from Dingodile or N. Brio, so choose wisely!

4.) Cortex – Dr. Neo Cortex has started to climb the ladder and join N. Tropy at the top as of late.  Similar to N. Tropy we don’t want to remove the slipperiness of Cortex.  We still want him to be very nimble and fun to move around with but we think he is simply too lethal right now.  We have nerfed his overall damage output by 10%.

5.) Healing Fridge – The fridge is a very basic but very powerful Power in the current meta.  We like its simplicity and how easy it is to understand for newer players, but we have seen how effective it can be when used optimally.  We would like to bring it down a notch and allow more counterplay against it by reducing its health total by 1 pip. (~17% reduction).

6.) Garbage Dump – Who doesn’t love dropping a bunch of garbage on your enemy’s head?  What’s better than that?  Well doing it more!  Garbage dump is underperforming according to our metrics.  To address this, we have increased the duration of the effect by 20%.

7.) Akano – This relic station has proven popular and powerful.  We love the fantasy of Akano being a wrecking-ball but feel the pain of the poor soul on the other end.  To address this, we have reduced Akano’s damage by 10%.

Just like our last update, here are some new items on our radar on top of the pre-existing ones:

  • Ease of aiming character projectiles
  • Relic Station re-application (refreshing things like beachballs)
  • Effectiveness of certain Relic Stations (Low and High)
  • Relic economy
  • Difficulty of certain Mastery Badges
  • Battlepass XP requirements

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